"If a goalkeeper doesn't make it muddy to the locker room, he's not a goalkeeper." (Javier Clemente)

"Where the rival puts his foot, the goalkeeper puts his face" (Carlos Unzué)

"Look carefully if the goalkeepers are different from the others, that we are even dressed differently" (Mono Burgos)

"Seeing Yuri Gagarin in space is second only to the enjoyment of saving a penalty" (Lev Yashin)

“I was planning to leave when someone much better than me showed up. But that did not happen ”(Santiago Cañizares)

"A great goalkeeper is made by eating 400 goals, as long as they are not in the same championship." (Amadeo Carrizo)

"Soccer is a team sport until the goalkeeper makes a mistake. There it is an individual sport." (Alex Welsh)

"This World Cup without me would be like Mexico without Maradona" (José Luis Chilavert)

"I'm not asking you to stop the ones that go inside, but don't put the ones that go outside." (Say Stefano to his goalkeeper)

"The serious injuries of a goalkeeper, where they take the longest to heal is in the head" (Aitor Ares)

"The key lies in always having a reference. A goalkeeper to imitate and a mirror in which to look at oneself" (Luis Arconada)

"If you want to be an important footballer, you can also be a goalkeeper." (Gianluigi Buffon)

"What we have to do is put our teeth into the Premier League." (Peter Schmeichel)

"In the position of the fools, I am the most alive." (Hugo Gatti)

"At that level, every goal is like a knife to the ribs." (Gordon Banks)

"I'm not a galactic, I'm from Móstoles." (Iker Casillas)

"Goalkeepers need a big dose of madness." (Oliver Kahn)

"For a goalkeeper there is no hiding place." (Brad Friedel)

"It's part of being a goalkeeper: There is no one behind to save you" (Hugo Lloris)

"She couldn't have been a great goalkeeper without power, agility and speed" (Hope Solo)

"I made my debut because I was stubborn. That week I wasn't even called up" (Lucho García)

"Give me the ball. Give me the ***** ball!" (Jordan Pickford)

"Yeah, but what do you want me to do? It comes like a plane." (Edgar Badía)

"I stayed on the ground because I burst. I wasn't wasting time." (Edgar Badía)


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TwoFive is the brand of goalkeeper gloves created by professional goalkeepers for you.

Like you, we grew up defending the goal and we know the importance of performing at the maximum level wherever we are.

That is why we want the experience of years of goalkeeping evolution combined with latest glove technology to be within everyone's reach.

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Cheer up "Pichu" !!

Ivan «El Pichu» Cuéllar, goalkeeper for Real Sporting de Gijón and member of the #TwoFiveSquad, was injured in training on Wednesday. The Extremaduran goalkeeper has suffered a fiber break in the quadriceps of his right thigh that will keep him away from the pitch for a short period. We are sure that you will return to [...]

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New soccer day in Spain with duels in all national competitions. Women's football stops until the weekend of December 5 due to international clashes. Full day of football with high-level matches for our goalkeepers TwoFive. In key Twofive, these are the matches that will be played [...]

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TwoFive Gloves X FD Goalkeepers

We are very happy to announce a new collaboration agreement with FD Porteros, a great goalkeeping school that has just been created by Ángel Ruescas, a magnificent goalkeeping coach and great friend of TwoFive. With this collaboration agreement, all the school's porters will have access to a discount on [...]

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Iker Álvarez, goalkeeper for Villarreal CF "B" and the Andorra National Team, joins the family of #TwoFiveSquad. Iker is currently one of the best goalkeepers in the First RFEF, a competition in which his team, Villareal CF «B» holds the first position in the table ahead of teams from the [...]

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New soccer day in Spain with duels in all national competitions, both male and female. This is how the 1st division returns after a hiatus due to national team matches. Full day of football with high-level matches for our goalkeepers TwoFive. In key Twofive, these are the parties that [...]

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Jesus Salvador, goalkeeping coach of RCD Espanyol de Barcelona's 1st men's team in 1st division, joins the family of the #TwoFiveSquad. Jesus is one of the most important goalkeeping coaches in our country. In addition to taking care of the goal of the 1st Espanyol team, he is also responsible for the goal area.

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